Practical and personalized teaching.

Classes in groups of maximum 20 people to make sure that you receive all the attention you need and be able to do the correct follow-up of your learning.
More direct teaching, faster learning.

International training.

Proficiency in English is key when applying for the job you want. That is why English in our training plays an important role and part of the teaching staff comes from universities in the United Kingdom, United States or Ireland.

No GPA (Grade Point Average) required

You can study with us if you pass the official university admission exam, if you have a higher degree of FP (Professional Education) or if you have passed the International Baccalaureate (B.I.). You will have to pass an admission test so we know what your level is in certain subjects.

Internships at Corporations.

Knowledge of the labor market and the opportunity to have employers know you is key when it comes to getting a job. Therefore, internships are compulsory for all students. We have agreements with more than 300 companies throughout Galicia, organizations that are leaders in their sector and with the ability to hire.

Double InternationalDegrees.

We have signed an agreement with 4 prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, through which all students can study one more year in this country and obtain a double international degree (Official Spanish Bachelor + English Bachelor Honors).

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Official Degrees in Business Administration, Architecture, Translation and Intercultural Communication and Advertising and Public Relations

Sábado - 25.Enero.2020

Degree Programs


    It is crucial to prepare students for the business world with a solid education, that fits the current needs of the labor market where the English language and an international vision are essential. Undertaking a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration is an investment for the future providing outstanding personal and professional values to our students.


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    New architecture needs to take on a more demanding, up-to-date concept of quality life for ordinary people regarding the use and implementation of the built environment. Renewed demands for sustainability and proximity of building and urban development processes are also assumed in its social, economic and environmental triple dimension.

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    The Translation and Intercultural Communication BA offers students the opportunity to work intensively with languages. Students will acquire a high level of knowledge in English and French assisted by the latest technological tools and refine the command of their native language, allowing excellent job prospects. The positive impact of language skills on prospective employers are extraordinary.

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    Advertising has become a powerful economic force. It creates fads and trends, and consumption depends on the brand image of the products and services advertised. Public relations enable a two-way communication between an organization and its audience, being that essential to manage its corporate reputation. It is all about management control of those intangible assets.

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