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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of use of the www.cesuga.com website of Cesuga (Centro de Estudios Superiores Universitarios de Galicia, S.L. ).  

1.- The University    

Centro de Estudios Superiores Universitarios de Galicia, S.L. (hereinafter Cesuga) with  Tax ID number B-15469984. Registered office address: C/ Obradoiro nº 47 (previously known as Feáns nº 152) C.P. 15190 (La Coruña). E-mail address: informacion@cesuga.com. Telephone: 981-137.346 Fax: 981-137.347. The Society is incorporated at the Spanish Companies Registration Office in La Coruña –Book 1.509, Sheet 188, Page C-11.811, Entry 1st– and legally approved by the Galician Government (Consellería de Educación e Ordenación Universitaria de la Xunta de Galicia) on the 28th of July 1995 (Decree 241/1995). It aims to provide higher education services through a wide range of activities related to teaching, researching and learning, according to the applicable law. The purpose of Cesuga's website is to inform the general public about the activities and services provided by the University.

 2.- Accessibility

2.1. Cesuga makes available the website www.cesuga.com (hereinafter the Site) to Internet users

2.2. Access and use of the Site is free and confer the condition of user (hereinafter the User). By accessing or using the Website,  the User accepts and agrees to our general terms and conditions (hereinafter the Terms) set forth below, and, when applicable, to any portions of these Terms that may be changed, modified, added or removed at any time related to the services and contents of the website. The User should review the Terms periodically, as  he will be solely responsible for accessing and using the Site.  

3.- Purpose and changes to de Website

3.1. Cesuga makes available the contents and services of this Site under the terms and conditions set forth below.

3.2. Cesuga reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to withdraw or amend the content, design, conditions of access and use and services provided on the Site without notice.  

4.- Intellectual and industrial property rights

4.1. Cesuga is the owner of all the registered trademarks in the names, designs and logos mentioned on the Site. Any unauthorised use is strictly prohibited pursuant to applicable law. The Site is owned by Cesuga (Centro de Estudios Superiores Universitarios de Galicia, S.L.)

4.2. Except where expressly stated to the contrary, all intellectual property rights in this Site, its web pages, screens, and the information, organisation, layouts and  links to other websites belong to Cesuga. Therefore, Cesuga holds the exclusive right to exploitation and distribution of the Site. Unless otherwise stated, information on this Site may be freely downloaded, copied or printed for private and non-commercial purposes, providing that the rights of its owner are respected. Under no circumstances, any information, content or warning incorporated in or accessible through the Site shall be changed, modified or deleted. Any other use of such content, including reproduction, transmission, modification or other exploitation thereof, by any means or medium, without the prior written permission of Cesuga is expressly prohibited.  

5.- General Terms - User Obligations

5.1. The User is bound to make use of the services and contents of the Site according to the applicable law and the principles of good faith and generally accepted uses, and refrain from using the Site contrary to public order. To this effect, the user shall refrain from using any of the contents of the website for illicit purposes, for purposes that may harm, render useless, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the Site or  that may damage the rights or interests of third parties.

5.2. The user must guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the data supplied as to his/her real situation either at the time of registration or afterwards.

5.3. Reproducing, distributing, transmitting, transforming or modifying, by any means or medium, the contents of the Site, including without limitation, texts, designs, photographs, images, graphics, icons, logos,  audio clips, video clips, databases, and other materials (hereinafter the Contents) of the Site without prior permission of its lawful owner is expressly prohibited, except as permitted by law.

5.4. Any use of the Contents for commercial or advertising purposes other than those expressly permitted is forbidden, as well as the infringement of any rights therefrom.

5.5. Any hyperlinks to the Site from other websites are subject to the following conditions: Linking to the Site is only permitted under the conditions set forth below. Hyperlinks must only be established to the home-page and never to other pages, unless expressly permitted. Under no circumstances, it shall be implied that Cesuga has authorised the hyperlink, or has supervised or endorsed the services and contents of the website from which the link is established. No false, inaccurate or incorrect indications and representations shall be made about the pages and services of this Site. Unless expressly permitted by Cesuga in writing, the website from which the link is established must not contain any emblem (trademark, name, logo)  that makes reference to Cesuga, except the features integrated in the hyperlink itself.

5.6. The user is the only person responsible for using the Site and complying with this general terms completely. The User likewise is bound to not disclose the user identification code, password or any other piece of information provided as part or our security procedures to access some services, and  to treat such information as confidential and reserved. The User must be liable for any loss or damages to the Site or its owner incurred by his/her misuse or of third parties arising from any negligence. Failure to comply with this general terms constitutes a material breach of the conditions of use upon which the User is permitted to use de Site and may result in our taking any legal actions against the User.  

6.- Limitation of Liability    Cesuga does not make any warranties, representations or undertakings and shall not be liable for any damages arising out or resulting from:

6.1. The use of the Site, or any delayed access to, or inability to use the Site, or for the accuracy, update, exhaustivity and reliability of the information and services contained on the Site, or any technical problems or otherwise arising out of the use of the Site.

6.2. The introduction or transmission of viruses or other programs or material which are malicious or technologically harmful components that may affect the user computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to the use of the Website.

6.3. Any unlawful, fraudulent, negligent use of our Site, services or contents, or use of false identity, or any other that may be contrary to the provisions of our general terms, the principles of good faith, the general accepted uses or public order incurred by any user.

6.4. Any third-party infringement of law, usage and custom based on intellectual and property rights, trade or contract secrets and including without limitations the rights to privacy, honor, image, property, advertising or competence.

6.5. Any vices or defects on the contents and/or services accessed through the Site.

6.6. Any contents of the Site that may be received, stored, obtained, disseminated or transmitted  by users.

6.7. The knowledge of any information about the conditions of use, the contents and services of this Site that may be owned or used by unauthorized third parties.

6.8. The previous listing is merely declarative and, under no circumstance, any of its point may be exclusive or excluding.  Cesuga expressly disclaims all liability and responsibility for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from all the circumstances mentioned or any other similar.  

7.- Personal data protection  

7.1. To access to our services, users may be required personal data under certain circumstances. The inclusion in a file or processing of such data is allowed only with prior consent of the user.

7.2. Personal data will be included in a data file owned and controlled by Cesuga, with  registered office address at C/ Obradoiro nº 47 (previously known as Feáns nº 152),  15190 (La Coruña). The purpose of such data will be indicated in the data collection form and shall be treated as confidential by the file´s controller.

7.3. The user is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided, and Cesuga reserves the right to withdraw from the registered services to any user who had provided false data, notwithstanding any further action that may be taken to the full extent permitted by law

7.4. All registered data shall be treated as confidential and the user,  at any time, may exercise the rights to access, correction, erasure and objection of his/her personal data by sending a written communication (enclosing a photocopy of the ID ) addressed to the file´s controller ( Centro de Estudios Superiores Universitarios de Galicia, S.L.), with the reference: "Personal Data" to  C/ Obradoiro nº 47, C.P. 15190 (La Coruña) or  to this email address: informacion@cesuga.com