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Sábado - 25.Enero.2020

International Studies


Studying Abroad: NW Coast Of Spain

CESUGA is a private university college with 25 years of experience located in the Northwest of Spain.  It is located in the city of La Coruña which offers a wonderful lifestyle, mild climate and good communication with the rest of Spain and Europe.  We are a bilingual center well known for its international focus on education.  We have highly qualified staff from all over the world.

Our programs for foreign students are characterized by the quality of our education and also for the vast cultural and leisure activities it offers its students.  La Coruña is a marvelous city to learn both Spanish language and culture, and a stepping stone to become familiar with the rest of Europe.  Our region is also the meeting point of thousands of annual visitors who take part in the "Camino de Santiago de Compostela", the most important pilgrimage in Europe.

See you!!!

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CESUGA consists of a 4,322 m2 building located in La Coruña at C/ Obradoiro nº 47 (23 and 23A local bus services run from the city center with a 15-minute frequency). It meets the universal accessibility and design requirements according to Law 51/2003, of December 2, on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and universal access for people with disabilities.

Additionally, it has 6,000 m2 building plots. There are twenty classrooms in the building, two laboratories, several meeting rooms, a cafeteria, a library and an assembly hall.



CESUGA has an Agreement with SGR (Students Global Relocation), an agency that will provide its services to students that want to get assistance on securingaccommodation at a Students Residence, Family or at an Apartment, those that might need assistance with transportation, getting an ID in Spain or any other service they might need to smooth their arrival to Spain. Through this agreement with CESUGA, students receive a special rate on their services. 

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Ornella Alidou 
Erasmus at CESUGA 2017/18

"Hello, I’m Ornella a Belgian former student and I had the opportunity, when I was in my last year of Bachelor, to do an Erasmus at CESUGA in “Administración de la Empresa”. 
What I like about CESUGA is that you feel a part of a family.

The greater thing about CESUGA’s education is that you have teachers coming from around the world and who have had prestigious careers in renowned companies which gives you an insight on your future career. In this international dynamic, classes are taught in both English and Spanish which is positive if you want to improve your language level.

I had the opportunity to visit the companies of Inditex and Reganosa. Those visits enriched the studying experience because you can understand how a company does business and manages to remain at the top which is of prime importance when you study business administration. 

I’m proud to add on my resume this amazing adventure alongside that I am multilingual (French, Dutch, English and Spanish).

In the future, I hope to have an international career which help me to discover more about the world and its different cultures…"


"I really enjoyed my time at CESUGA. Everyone, from classmate to staff, was very welcoming and more than happy to help me out whenever I had a query. There is an enjoyable atmosphere and, thanks to the rather small capacity, I felt that I was being paid attention to.

I followed the Translation and Intercultural Communication course and found it very interesting. It covers pertinent topics pertaining to translation studies and the approach in class is really engaging.

Furthermore, I got to do a couple of fun cultural activities and followed an additional Spanish language course, which was very helpful. I learned some things about translation theory and the Spanish language and culture that I would have never been aware of.

I really think that this experience has made me feel more prepared and confident about my future career.

Would definitely recommend!"

Erasmus at CESUGA

"The methodology at CESUGA is the right one, it helped me to start my professional life successfully, since I learned to work in teams, to create projects and to develop my communication skills"
Miguel Oreito
Strategic Partnerships Manager at GOOGLE
Dublin, Ireland

"After graduating from CESUGA, I successfully created the company VAZVA, which was my objective and the dream of my life"
Oscar Vales
Founding partner of VAZVA
La Coruña, Spain

"Having studied a bilingual program at CESUGA was fundamental. Speaking a second language is a major advantage in almost every profession"
Carmen Pasandín
Buyer at INDITEX
La Coruña, Spain


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