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Course: Bachelor's degree in Translation and Intercultural Communication 
Field of Study: Law and Social Science
ECTS credits: 240
Duration: 4 years
Enrolment: full time
Academic Year: September – June
International Faculty: Yes 

Official degree validated by San Jorge University 

Degree verified by ANECA – Universities Council and authorized by the Galician Government (Xunta de Galicia) 

State-of-the-art computer tools

The Translation and Intercultural Communication BA offers students the opportunity to work intensively with languages. Students will acquire a good command of English and French assisted by the latest computer tools. They will also improve the mastery of their mother tongue, allowing excellent employment potential on graduation. The benefits and positive impact of language skills on prospective employers are extraordinary.

There is a growing demand for experts related to foreign languages, both in the legal and economic fields as well as in the international trade sector. CESUGA's facilities are also equipped with cutting-edge technologies allowing the use of language-learning software tailored to the needs of our students.

Study Intercultural Communication

Students of Translations an Intercultural Communications are trained to work in two language combinations (English-Spanish and French-Spanish), therefore increasing their employability.

This program seeks to allow students to develop not only skills in translation and interpreting but also in intercultural communication. It is an innovative approach in Galicia which provides cross-cutting skills enabling students to work in a wide range of fields and sectors (international trade, communication departments, etc.) including public and private institutions.

This degree is aimed at providing the society with a new professional profile who can meet the demands of the growing globalization and business internationalization.

The importance of culture complexity

Nowadays companies are looking for qualified professionals trained in business and communication issues, with in-depth knowledge of foreign languages and also of cultural approach to enable effective and successful business relationships. This is the main difference offered by CESUGA from other Translation and Interpreting undergraduate programs. Our university has always offered bilingual programs gaining wide experience in language teaching, especially related to Economics and Business.

There are extensive career opportunities for future graduates in Translation and Intercultural Communication due to their specialization and expertise. Students can choose from two specialization pathways: in Institutional Translation and Interpretiation or International Trade. Due to the international exchange experiences, the knowledge of business and economics, as well as their language skills, CESUGA´s graduates will be prepared to work for national and international private and public institutions and organizations.

Internships are compulsory as well as studying a semester abroad with a flexible study program tailored-made to the student´s areas of interest.

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