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Students enrolled at CESUGA can combine their degree program with one of the following ON-LINE degrees with San Jorge University.

Online Degree in Law

An online degree in legal studies allows students to acquire new knowledge of the Digital Economy and its legal regulation. These studies will focus on technological and business environments such as the "Data protection officer". 

The curriculum also addresses alternative systems of conciliation, arbitration and mediation, including the regulatory framework of the "third sector" and social economy.

San Jorge University is fully aware of the profiles that companies and organizations demand in the corporate and economic sphere in order to incorporate professionals that respond to the legal requirements derived from the new regulatory frameworks in the field of corporate social responsibility and regulatory compliance.

Hence, together with the study of legal English and economic issues linked areas of forensic economics, the curriculum incorporates a new itinerary acting as a "compliance officer". Training for a new professional profiles in economic growth, in governance systems, corporate responsibility, risk management and business regulatory compliance will also be covered.

The online mode offered for this degree program is designed with a practical approach to the learning objectives (Learn by doing) integrated in the following online activities: Video classes / webinars, debates, forums, wiki, social networks and tutorials; and off line activities: individual and team work and activities, research tasks and information search.

Online Degree in Digital Communication

CESUGA offers a degree in Digital Communication in online mode that will allow students to specialize in multiplatform, digital and online environments, as well as to customize their degree program with a unique study opportunity in Spain.

Throughout the degree program, new subjects will be taught that will allow students to undertake the area of ​​digital communication with innovative business proposals within digital media, one of the largest growing sectors in recent years. With this in mind, the degree in Digital Communication offers students the possibility of selecting one of the following areas : Strategic Digital communication and Production or Design and Management of Digital Communication.

This degree will be delivered by expert communication lecturers and active professionals in the digital communication environment who will carry out their lectures through an online teaching system that will include a virtual campus, video tutorials, workshops, discussion forums and networking. This online mode will allow students who wish to reorient their future work or complement their studies with more specialized training.

The professional opportunities for the degree in Digital Communication include media, multinationals, communication consultancies, advertising agencies, cyber media editing, digital communications management, strategic communications analysis in digital environments and development of digital communication projects.

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