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Business Administration BA


Course: Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management
Field of Study: Law and Social Science
ECTS credits: 240
Duration: 4 years
Attendance: full time
Academic Year: September – June
International Academic Staff: Yes 

Official degree validated by San Jorge University 

Degree verified by ANECA – Universities Council and autorized by the Galician Government (Xunta de Galicia) 

Business Administration

Now more than ever, it is crucial to prepare students for the business world with a solid education, adapted to the current needs of the labour market where English and an international vision are essential. Undertaking a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration is an investment for the future bringing our students outstanding personal and professional benefits.

The academic staff at this degree are national and international relevant professionals with outstanding careers at internationally renowned universities. They offer proven education to those students who want to get ahead in business.

Cesuga is committed to excellence in education and research. Always assisted by their teachers, students undertake a lot projects in small groups and learn through case studies. This approach to business is completed with a compulsory internships programme.

Why study Business Administration at CESUGA?

The academic staff at the Department of Business Administration comes from top universities in the world. They have proven professional and teaching experience, which is essential to help students understand the current labour market situation. The form of teaching stand out because of its practical approach.

Students tackle problem-solving exercises based on the use of case studies from renowned national and international companies, making subject matters easy to understand and implement. A large proportion of learning for Business Administration students entails working in small groups. This allows a continuous assessment of students and helps them to acquire the skills needed to speak in public and lead teams. New technologies are given special attention with the use of specific software for the different subject areas: Accounting, Law, Statistics, Taxation...

An education for a global market

At the end of the fourth year of the Business Administration course students will be prepared to use English in the labour market. This skill is progressively acquired along the years of study. Due to our international academic staff with experience at universities abroad as well as the importance given to English throughout the programme, students will be able to graduate with a good command of English. This gradual learning system is defined as progressive bilingual.

It is compulsory for students to do an internship with the aim of putting business theory into practice. Some specific programmes at CESUGA include internships on the first year. Law and Social Science includes undergraduate degrees such as the Bachelor of Economics (BEcon) or Commerce (BCom) .

However over the past years, Business Administration has become one of the most demanded degrees because its versatility and employment potential on graduation.

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