Sábado - 25.Enero.2020


First Year

Second year

Third year ​

Subject Type ECTS Credits​  
Research and Sales Management OB 6  
Financial Management I OB 6  
Business workshop II OB 6  
People Management OB 6  
Elective pathway* OP 18  
Financial Management II OB 6  
Business Taxation OB 6  
Strategic Management OB 6  
Total   60  

Third year – Optional Subjects MODULE – ADVANCED FINANCE ​

Subject    ECTS Credits  
Company Accounting   6  
Financial Control   6  
Financial Instruments and Market   6  


Subject   ECTS Credits  
International Marketing   6  
International Trade and Logistics   6  
Multinational Business Management   6  

Fourth year

Subject Type ECTS Credits  
Managerial Skills OB 3  
Fundamentals of Auditing OB 3  
Optional pathway* OP 6  
Logistics and Operations Management OB 6  
Final year project OB 12  
External internships OB 18  
Civic Humanism OB 6  
Ethics and Deontology OB 6  
Total   60  

Fourth Year – Optional Subjects MODULE – ADVANCED FINANCE

Subject   ECTS credits  
Asset Management   6  


Subject   ECTS Credits  
E-Commerce   6  

ECTS CREDIT TOTAL:: 240 1 ECTS credit 25 hours of workload

MB: Basic subject. OB: Obligatory subject. OP: Optional subject .

* The student can choose one of the following study routes: Finance or Internationalisation. 

* In the framework of the linguistic policy of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and CESUGA, all undergraduate students are required to achieve the level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference or Languages (CEFR) in English . To this end, the subject of English plays an important role within the curriculum and other subjects can also be partially or totally taught in English. Furthermore, final year projects can be read partially or totally in English. At the same time, academic credits may be awarded for official certificates of English at level b2 –IELTS, FCE or TOEFL– according to the terms and conditions set forth by the University.