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Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) in La Coruña, Galicia


Course: Bachelor of  Architecture (BArch)
Field of Study: Engineering and Architecture
ECTS credits: 300
Qualification for a regulated profession: Yes
Duration: 5 years
Enrolment: full time 
Academic Year: September – June
International Faculty: Yes     

Official degree validated by San Jorge University 

Degree verified by ANECA – Universities Council and authorized by the Galician Government (Xunta de Galicia) 

An Architecture for a demanding future

New architecture needs to take on a more demanding, up-to-date concept of quality life for ordinary people regarding the use and implementation of the built environment. Renewed demands for sustainability and proximity of building and urban development processes are also assumed in its social, economic and environmental triple dimension.

Why study Architecture at CESUGA?

The Bachelor of Architecture program expertly combines lectures with practical classes with the aim of training qualified professionals to face the challenges of the future. Competition in the global market is highly demanding, therefore the quality of education is an important factor for employment prospects.

CESUGA offers a practical education that will allow students to develop a professional career according to their expectations. The aim of the Architecture Program is to provide students with the resources and skills to act safely in a society with no borders.

The Architecture course requires abstract intelligence to understand and organize shape and space, creativity, artistic sensitivity and an open-mind, critical attitude towards the diverse forms of cultural expression, as well as an acceptable ability for visual arts language.

We train committed Architects

CESUGA trains architects committed to functionality, economy and environmental sustainability from three perspectives: the technical perspective of the profession, the sensitive perpective of the researcher and the artist, and the ethical point of view. These three perspectives should mutually reinforce the idea of qualified and driven professionals prepared to tackle alternative future scenarios based on teamwork, at national and international scales.

This program qualifies for the profession of Architect. Environment, sustainability, landscaping, restoration and heritage preservation solutions are needed today. The content of the curriculum is based on a wide artistic view of architecture, creative, vanguard and real-world design. The nature of workspaces, houses and homes, urban growth, land-use planning and new construction materials should be reconsidered in order to meet the most recent needs of society using technical developments. An Architect is a professional with a critical influence on defining the cities of the future.

Distinguishing features

The Architecture course offers the following distinctive features:

  • A highly practical curriculum with special attention to the Projects and Integration Workshop which integrates several subject areas (Building, Structures, Ecology…).
  • A five-year program with English-taught subjects.
  • Small groups teaching to enhance teacher-student interaction.
  • A continuous assessment system that makes up a portion of the final grade .
  • Internships with architecture firms at the end of the program.

Over the first year of the Architecture course students will learn some of the fundamentals and technical tools to acquire a solid training. Over the second, third and fourth year students study those disciplines needed to develop the profession of Architect (projects, structures, construction, facilities, theory…). On the last year they will choose an area of specialization.

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