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Course: Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations
Field of Study: Law and Social Science
ECTS credits: 240
Duration: 4 years
Enrolment: full time
Academic Year: September – June
International Faculty: Yes 

Official degree validated by San Jorge University 

Degree verified by ANECA – Universities Council and authorized by the Galician Government (Xunta de Galicia) 

A key profession for every sector

Advertising has become a powerful economic force. It creates fads and trends, and consumption depends on the brand image of the products and services advertised. Undertaking a degree in public relations (PR) enable students to understand the two-way communication process existing between organizations and consumers, which is essential to manage corporate reputation. It is all about management control of those intangible assets.

Companies and institutions ask for innovation, creativity and originality, as well as full awareness of the most recent marketing trends related to new information technologies. The latest communication formats and advertising techniques will open up new professional horizons. Knowledge of strategic management is needed to create, design and communicate. Marketing communication is considered a core function of successful business strategies.

Why study Advertising at CESUGA?

Companies and institutions are calling for a new profile of communicator, with creativity and with a firm training in marketing and advertising. Brand strategy development requires specific professional profiles that not all universities are able to offer.

This set of knowledge needs to be applied to the current communications framework which is based on websites, social media, SEO and new dissemination channels. CESUGA offers a program focused on creativity, also intended to teach students to develop their ideas from a linguistic point of view, poinitng out the importance of public relations and protocol and also of national and international business, cultural and social realities.

Extensive career opportunities

There is a great demand for marketing graduates with the appropriate skills that need to meet the requimerents of a market that changes as fast as communications do, as well as PR professionals able to get closer to consumers who are getting more selective with the channels of information. The appearance of new communications agencies reveal a great demand for professionals able to meet the needs of the business world. (online marketing, fashion sector, events...) .

The Advertising and Public Relations program stands out due to a wide range of career opportunities and its experienced and young academic staff who is able to offer a training adjusted to the current labor market.

CESUGA offers a singular approach in Galicia, which offers the English language as well as an international and experienced academic staff. The Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations preserves our signs of identity: practical teaching, small groups learning, international vocation and internships programs

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